Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peggy and Whit at Oceancliff 8.16.2008 Photos by Mariah and Melissa

While Trish was enjoying the perfect weather in Barrington at her wedding, Melissa and I were experiencing an equally as spectacular day in Newport with Peggy and Whit! P & W chose Oceancliff as their venue, which we LOVE... and Peggy and the girls got ready at the bottom of the hill in the gatehouse- so cute! The best part is that they decided to see each other before the ceremony to do their pics which always makes for a relaxing day.
Does Peggy's gown look familiar? You may have seen it in the movie Made of Honor (with Patrick Dempsey -oooh). Peggy almost gasped when she and Whit went to the movie and there was her dress! Luckily she played it cool and Whit was none the wiser! The gown is by Selia Yang, a very talented up and coming designer. And FYI... Peggy definitely wore it better!

Here's our Melissa shooting some details...

Peggy putting a few finishing presses on her dress!

Peggy LOVES paper (just like Melissa!) and wrapped her gifts to the bridesmaids in this super cute wrapping that coordinated with their gown perfectly. Now that's planning!

Let's not forget about Whit, up at the main house. He's anxiously waiting for Peggy's call. She's going to let him know when it's safe to come down to the gatehouse to see her... photo by Melissa.

In the meantime, a little surprise arrives for Peggy. Very romantic Whit! Nice touch.

Whit gets the call, and the boys make their way down to the Gatehouse- Whit looks pretty excited. Photo by Melissa.

How fun is that? Peggy's bridesmaid was nice enough to buy a cream colored mini cooper just in time for the wedding- the perfect bride ride!!!

Whit's grandfather wants in on a photo with Peggy! Who could blame him? He may be 95 but he know a pretty girl when he sees one! Maybe this is where Whit gets his charming ways!

The I do's.

Photo of the ceremony by Melissa.

Husband and wife!

Could this light be any more gorgeous? I love the way Peggy's dress skirts the gown and ruffles when she walks.

Good jumpers! look at that guys 3rd from the right- wow!

Peggy and Whit have the nicest friends! The groomsman 3rd from the left introduced them, Peggy has known him since she was three. Isn't that cute?

Stoneblossom... enough said! Photo by Melissa.

Cool detail photo by Melissa.


Another lovely detail by Stoneblossom, garland of orchids. Photo by Melissa.

My favorite photo of the day... reasons obvious. romantical, and they did this snuggling on their own!

Adirondack chairs- a classic and a request of Peggy's. They do look very relaxed!

Snappers! I didn't retouch us at all! HA-HA!

Peggy and Whit danced all night!

Whit's grampy getting a dance with the lovely Peggy!

Peggy's mom and dad gave the NICEST welcoming speech.

Peggy dancing with the other Mrs. Collier!

Limbo! No stick? No problem!

To top it off, their was a beautiful full moon- I am not sure Peggy and Whit saw it because they were dancing maniacs, but I managed to get a few shots of it.

A few sweets for the end of the evening...

I was so excited when they stood behind these gumballs! Fun, and the perfect sweet ending to a sweet day. Have fun in Hawaii guys!

To all of Peggy and Whit's friends and family:
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  1. Mariah!
    These pictures are absolutely beautiful and so fun! Thanks for being the best photographer ever! We look forward to seeing the rest when they are ready!
    Peggy and Whit