Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emily and Ian at Rhode Island Country Club 8.16.08 Photos by Trish and Ara

Hi Everyone, it's Mariah! You may wonder why I am commenting on Trish's blog post... Well, she is in Block Island enjoying this spectacular week with her hubby and son Isaac. Trish and Jim are celebrating their 11th anniversary and they just so happen to have the same wedding date as Ian and Emily! In fact, Trish's grandparents also shared August 16th as their wedding date in 1935. When Trish found out that Emily and Ian's theme was starfish, she brought Emily this pin to wear in her bouquet. Jim had given the pin to Trish as a gift before their wedding.

Bouquet by Golden Gate. Starfish from Trish.

Emily is so gorgeous and tall and healthy looking!

Ian before the ceremony...very handsome!

Emily's dad Bill desined all of the invitations, programs, menu cards, and table numbers. He is a graphic designer, Lane Design is his company.

Emily and her dad, a classic. This lovely chapel is at St. Andrew's School in Barrington.

Do you think that Ian is overcome by the sight of Emily?! This is how every bride wishes her groom would react. These photos give me goosebumps.

4 Little kids and 2 Big ones...

Notice the starfish.... photo by Ara

Making their way to the beach opposite the country club- look at those skies- love the sea grasses Trish, nice touch.

I like Emily's toes poking out from under her dress, what an amazing day they had.

More than a little happy here...

No doubt Trish is making suggestions about various objects she would like them to climb up on... seems like they are game!


Beachy portrait of Emily...

Here are Ian and Emily doing some trust excersizes...

I don't think Ian looks worried at all...

Trish hitching a ride back to the club... photo by Ara

I wish this was scratch and sniff, I can almost smell that frosting! Photo by Ara.


Trish is obsessed with blue light, it's her favorite time of day- she must have been pretty excited when she took this casual portrait of Emily.

And this one of Ian...

I don't know what's going on here... but I can't wait to hear the story when trish gets back.

Ian and his trophy wife.. or is it Emily and her trophy husband? I don't know... it could go either way- they are both really easy on the eyes!

Hey- whos that? The other anniversary couple. Trish and Jim! 11 years ago! And Trish is wearing the pin! I found this photo this morning in my photo box, and I was pretty excited!

This is Trish and me at her wedding August 16 1997! Ian and Emily you picked a great day and you both picked a terrific partner- wishing you the same success as Trish and her grandparents!

To all of Emily and Ian's friends and family:

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