Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hilary and Josh - The Sullivan House - Block Island - Photos by Trish

As you know I spent the week on Block Island last week and had the pleasure of photographing Hilary and Josh's wedding there on Saturday. We had absolutely beautiful weather so there were no complaints here! They met before the ceremony so that we could go around the Island and take advantage of some of the scenery. I had such a great time with them and was so appreciative of their excitement about doing the photos. The pictures really meant a lot to them and they wanted to do whatever they had to to get the shots, that's the spirit! It was really a pleasure spending the time with them and they are such a cute couple, thanks for having me there!

A classic summer moment...

Hilary's sister Julie is a professional make-up artist so she was in charge of the bridal glamour...

Flowers by Hilary's friend from high school, Carolyn did such a great job on the flowers!

Very snazzy Block Island cuff links.

Hilary coming out of the Sullivan House porch door to see Josh for the first time.

The Southeast Lighthouse, fantastic! Josh was most excited about getting these pics...

It was hard working around the tourists in the background, but I managed...

I love all the different colors and textures in this shot, what a beautiful building. It's still under renovation and Josh says they are planning a B&B in part of it, very cool!

Timmy was our driver and zoomed us all around the Island to get our photos done, not an easy task with the gazillion people on bikes and mopeds on a one lane road! But we made it back without hitting anyone so that was good. But Hilary was a little worse for wear with a little car-sickness, but she made it through!

These little squiggly trees are very typical of Block Island, I liked this set of two for a backdrop.

Funny, I had this spot in mind because it is so very "Block Island", and then Josh said he found a great spot to do photos, in the same place!

Hilary was feeling a little hungry and thirsty so we stopped for a snack here, got the last two cookies!

Hilary's friend Carolyn is a professional florist and did an amazing job with the flowers, I thought that these branches with Orchids were so cool, simple yet elegant!

Josh proposed to Hilary with a message in a bottle at the beach. I think that is very creative!

Sort of a wow location, wouldn't you say!?

They were so excited after the ceremony, happy to have the most nerve wracking part of the day over, and to finally be married!


A lovely natural light pouring in the tent for the first dance...

I always love the emotional Dads, so sweet!

Here is the view of the reception from the street, pretty sweet! That sun flare just screams summer night in August, beautiful!

We got our driver to zip us over to the beach during the reception so we could get these shots, totally worth it I think!

Doesn't it look like they are in some tropical place? No, it's just our little Rhode Island.

And we're walking, and we're looking fabulous...

Another spectacular Block Island sunset!

Another blue light special, I can't get enough!

The 411:

Location - The Sullivan House (Sean is the best!)

Catering - Block Island Gourmet

Flowers - Fino Fresh Floral Design, Melrose, MA.

Music - Brass Force

Officiant - Richard Kyte

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Great photos! It's making me very excited for my own Sullivan House wedding.

  3. My daughter and I had our pictures taken (on bikes) by those very stone wall fields. What a charming place for a wedding shot. I like the way you took pictures at various locations around the island. Kudos for a job well done.