Monday, August 11, 2008

Averi and Paul at the Gwyn Careg Inn, Pomfret CT 8.09.2008 Photos by Mariah and Melissa

I had been looking forward to Averi and paul's wedding for a long time. We had so much fun on their photo date that I knew the wedding day would be a blast too. I was right! I love Averi's taste... you'll notice green is her favorite color. She is as sunshiney and as warm as the colors she chose. She was a vision, and Paul is just the nicest man. Also, he has those crinkles around the corners of his eyes which I am a total sucker for! (think George Clooney). I got the biggest kick out of their siblings! They are hilarious. Notice at the bottom of this post their "surprise" photos for Averi and Paul!
Beautiful shoes for Averi... but I am most excited about that green sequin clutch!
Averi's bouquet, shades of white and green.
Averi picked up these parasols for the girls, a really cute addition.
This is Averi and her mom. Averi's mom is so nice! I wouldn't have minded a smooch too, but I thought it might be to forward to ask, haha. I think she's pretty proud of her daughter.
Bride's maids bouquets, yellow and green (of course).
Handsome groomsmen and crinkly eyes himself! Photo by Melissa.
Love this portrait of Paul by Melissa. The Gwyn Careg Inn is surrounded by these really cool textured walls. Very inspiring!
Paul and his parents, they are really nice people. Photo by Melissa.
I got to ride in the limo on the way to the church, fun! I started to feel a little car sick, so Averi's mom took over for me!

A classic- this church is gorgeous. The parishioners sit facing the center aisle, which was cool.
A very impressive church- just lovely- but very dark. Melissa took this nice glowy shot.

The happy moment- one of my favorites of the day. Melissa got this photo as they came out the doors of the chapel. Isn't it just gorgeous?

A couple of snappers...

Melissa spied this little doorway at the back of the church and I was pretty excited because I love little doorways. Averi indulged me in some posing.

This is Veronica, Paul's grammy. She's 94! Isn't she beautiful?!

The whole wedding party!
Classic portrait, classic car. Paul is doing handsome poses- nice job! Good practicing!

Averi and Paul are laughing because there's about 40 people standing behind me watching them smooch and yelling at them to hold it so they can get the shot too!
Back to the Gwyn Careg- more awesome nooks...

240 people!

Averi's little cousin was the BEST flowergirl, and definitely the most enthusiastic. She said "wait until everyone sees me!"

More lovely details.... photo by Melissa

The grooms cake... this was followed by some official UCLA chants by Paul with crowd participation!

Now things get interesting with the very creative dancers at the wedding.
This guy hears the 80's calling, they want their dance moves back!!!

Paul's sister there in the middle, not sure what's happening by Melissa

not sure about this one either, but it looks like fun!

Super siblings unite... shape of a bridesmaid, form of the best man!
Love these guys! My job is too fun!

Averi and Paul- have fun in sunny Spain. Can't wait to hear all about your Mediterranean adventures!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! what church is that?! gorgeous girls!! nice job!