Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jen and Greg's Photodate in Newport

Posted by Mariah:

You know that Kevin Bacon game where you link other actors to a movie with Kevin Bacon... (6 degrees of separation, I think)... anyway- Isabella is my Kevin Bacon. I photographed Isabella and Dan last year and since then they have sent me I think 7 new clients- thank you Isabella!!!

What does this have to do with the super cute Jen and Greg? Well, they are an Isabella referral too... and I am so glad they found me! They booked sight unseen, so this was really my first meeting with them. What a pleasant surprise they are!

We met at Bretton Point in Newport...

Actually, it a good spot for our shoot because they had their first date here- a romantical picnic.

The light was so cool... it kept changing as the fog started to roll in.

I thought this photo looked a little like southern California, I also think Jen looks a little like southern California.


Smooching... always a good idea!

These guys were doing a really good with their posing. It was virtually effortless!

What is their secret? #1 They have a nice chemistry- it's a must have! #2 They look at the blog, so they know they are supposed to work it!

So cute.

I love this spot, and I love it when my subjects indulge my some what strange ideas.

This one is my fav from the shoot, so sweet and this little clump of flowers is kind of unexpected at the beach.

Are we in a meadow or are we at the beach? Hmmm...

I can tell these guys make a great team, in fact the next day they set out to hike a portion of the Presidential Trail! Apparently they are in to all sorts of strenuous activities... hiking, rock climbing, skiing- you name it! Good thing they are both physical therapists... when they come back all broken from their extreme adventures they can fix each other up.

Speaking of rocks...

Jen and Greg- it was so much fun to meet you in person. I can't wait for the wedding. Hope you enjoy your turn on the blog. xoxox Mariah

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