Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meredith and Bill's Photodate on Block Island

Posted by Trish:

I had never met these two cuties before this portrait session! They live in California and were planning their wedding long distance, so we did all of our pre -wedding things by phone and email. Well I was delighted when I met them, I didn't know that they would be so attractive...

We thought it would be fun to do a little photodate the day before the wedding so that we could get in some more Block Island scenery and get a chance to meet and chat face to face before the big day.

Bill grew up coming to Block Island during the summers, so this was a special place to have their wedding. Believe it or not Meredith had never been here before!!!

But Block Island doesn't disappoint, it's such an amazing place!

We took these photos down at the North Lighthouse 'beach'. It's all rocks and so beautiful with amazing textures, and the light was off the hook!

There was of course the threat of Hurricane Bill for the weekend and Friday was a pretty breezy day, so we didn't know what to expect for the wedding, and getting home!

This was kind of funny for them to try and balance on this big piece of drift wood, but they managed to stay on for a few snaps...

This pose was a little safer, and smoochier. For some reason spell check doesn't have that word...

The rocks on Block Island are so beautiful and mostly oval shape.

We decided not to venture out to the lighthouse in the background, I actually did that once on Block Island when I was on vacation, and it's a loooooong haul out there!

The grasses were really blowing around, the mood was kind of tense yet exciting with the pending storm.

It's a wrap for today... check back tomorrow for the wedding photos!

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  1. So gorgeous! I cannot believe this is the second high school classmate I have found on the blog... Trish and Snap! ladies, you have now photographed 3 of the 80 graduates in our high school class! Love it. Congrats to Bill and Meredith!!