Friday, August 14, 2009

Jenn and Clay at Linden Place in Bristol, Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

Part 2 ... the continuing photo fun at Jenn and Clay's wedding. Up next? Formal photos!

Sneaky photo by Sarah...

We ducked around to the front of the house with the wedding party. It's hard not to look sassy when you have pockets in your dress!

How cute is Jenn? She is the sweetest girl and has the cutest little voice. I can see why Clay is smitten with her.

Jenn indicated she'd like a photo of the men looking debonair... check!

Jenn also told me that Clay can be a little shy- I didn't see that side of him- he was totally workin' it. Thanks Clay!

Here she is! Super snapper Sarah with her mean fish eye focus trick. She's pretty fit (all that rock climbing with her boyfriend) guess it helps getting into those photo stances.

(I'll be inside eating cake by the way.)

And here's her shot- Love it!

Time for a few romantical photos. Clay is still working that debonair angle.

Love this one that Sarah took.

This is Jenn and her brother. He snuck in for a shot. They are funny together. Ian is older and says he was kind of a punk as an older brother. He says Jenn can be a punk too though. Guess that's how it goes with brothers and sisters. Makes me worry less about my two kids - they are total punks.

One of our little flower girls. This is a different kind of pretty pony!

Here's my artsy formal photo. Love it! Know what I love even more? That two people with cameras could be standing in the exact same spot but see two totally different things... this was my version and...

...this was Sarah's!

The new mr. and mrs.

A little dance number...

Some smooching before dinner...

Yum! I have to blog this photo of the stuffed quahogs because Simply Devine Catering makes the best!!! And yes, I personally made sure these were up to the usual standards.

Ian made this fun game for Jenn and her guests to play at the wedding. Here they are testing it out. See, he is a nice big brother after all.

A very touching speech by Emily. I know Trish will love my blue light too, it's her favorite.

Roasted and toasted- always a good combo.

Learning a little more about Clay from the best man- and more blue light!

A really sweet dance for Jenn and her dad.

Clay's dad is having a little rest...

But Clay's mom is cutting a rug!

Doesn't matter how old you get- you are still your mom's little boy. I can relate. I just stopped cutting Jacques' meat for him and he's 11!

More shots from Sarah sneaking around in the dark. Isn't Linden Place so pretty?! That dark figure under the tent is my new friend Michelle from Fresh Focus Productions. She's a terrific videographer, it was so nice to meet her and work together!

Such a fun party!

Friends and Family, if you'd like to register to see the rest of Clay and Jenn's photos when the become available Click HERE!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for helping to make my best friend's wedding so wonderful. Your photos are incredibly beautiful--they capture how fun and funny and gorgeous and full of love this whole day was. I can't stop looking at these and alternately laughing and getting choked up.

    -Emily Fenton

  2. Great shots. More like the little girl siting on a pretty pony.

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  3. I can't believe it's been a month today! We had so much fun and Mariah we're so happy you were the one to capture our day-- I am so excited to see the rest of the pics!