Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Karin and John's Photodate in Portsmouth

Posted by Mariah:

Karin and John are getting married in a few weeks at the Glen Manor... they are Portsmouth residents themselves and have this amazing view right in their backyard! They are true beach people just like me. They have a little sign in their house that says "We are happy as clams." I think that pretty much sums it up.

John and Karin really know how to laugh together- I love that!

John is quite witty and everything he says sound funnier because he is British.

Being casual...

Karin and John did a great job following all my instructions, they even had an audience.. Karin's daughter!

I jokingly told them that I'd be coming back to hang out during the week because they only use their Portsmouth house on weekends. I think these chairs will do quite nicely for reading and sunbathing. By the way Karin you guys are out of seltzer and the mayo is running low, try to stock up on that before next week would you? Thanks.

Karin's daughter kept teasing them saying how cute they are... but they really are, aren't they?!!

Ah, love.

I guess this is something that they like to do when snuggling, but often end up clunking foreheads...

Love this one.

Okay, I had the best time doing this. I was standing on their deck to take this series of photos and how fun are they all photo shopped together?

Ta da!

See you guys in a couple of weeks, can't wait for the wedding and all the fun things planned!

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