Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lea and Neil Photodate at Castle Hill in Newport...Finally!

Posted by Trish:

I only say finally, and I mean it in a nice way, because I have been waiting to photograph these two...I met them while photographing both of Neil's sisters weddings and always hoped that they would call me when they got married. So imagine my delight when I got the call from Lea a few months back that they wanted to hire me to photograph their wedding next year, count me in!!!

Neil is a football coach, so we thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the photos...

There probably is some kind of seriously wrong passing technique going on here, but it's just this one time, promise!

Neil was told that there would not be any cheesy kissing photos...oh sorry, we lied.

I think that they are planning to use one of these as a 'save the date', so cute!

We couldn't pass up the shot on the lawn at Castle Hill, it was an amazing evening!!!!

Then we were off to the lighthouse at Castle Hill for some more fun...

This would probably be considered a small lighthouse as far as lighthouses go, but it's so perfect for photos, you can get the whole thing in!

Lea's hair was blowing around like crazy, hopefully there will be lots of hairspray the day of the wedding.

Then we ventured down the very steep stairs for this shot, I had to sit down to take this. I was worried I would fall while looking through the lens!

Lea spied this cool doorway, I had not noticed it, probably because I was trying not to fall face first into the ocean!

Then we headed down to the beach there at Castle Hill, so awesome. How awesome is this huge ring on this beautiful driftwood.

What a gorgeous evening to be on the beach! Lucky us. They were so cute.

Good times...

Lea is an avid blog-stalker, so she knows what to do.

I love that summertime light, even with the blowy hair...

By this time Neil is totally into it and feeling relaxed and doing a great job with the posing.

Woo hoo, fun in the surf!

Look how HAPPY they are to be getting married!

This will be fun to look at in the winter when these summer evenings are a distant memory...

Lea had this great idea to put the ring on this funky stick, so cool! You can't have too many photos of the bling!

The Castle Hill Beach never disappoints, and we were the only ones there too...

Thanks for a fun evening guys, looking forward to your wedding day! I can't believe we have to wait all that time, but it will be here before you know it...

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