Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kristi and James Photodate

Posted by Mariah:

Kristi and James never visited the snap lair... so I was excited to meet them in Newport. They are planning a beautiful wedding in Newport at Oceancliff next April.I asked Kristi how they came to find me and she said once the saw our blog that hiring snap was a "no brainer." Love these guys!

Our shoot was at noon, so we had to find a few shady spots for our photos.
This cute little dock will do quite nicely.

I had a good time showing Kristi and James around Newport because although their wedding is here they are from Chicago and they really haven't had a chance to do too much exploring.
We stopped off over by Salve where we found a little more shade and some dramatic architecture- good combo.

Love this one.

... also love Kristi's dress, apparently she had wardrobe panic and bought it at J Crew 20 minutes before I arrived. She looks great!

Next stop, the Cliffwalk. Always a favorite.
The sun was really bright so we are improvising a little!

Kristi and James had no idea this existed! I love being a tour guide!

K & J were very daring for me and didn't mind me perching them on a ledge.

It was sort of worth it, right?!

Love this one, it feels so summer-time!

Here' s a secret location. I thought it was very Newport.

Tip toes kissing is always cute. James was telling me he grew something like 14 inches in 4 years as a kid... ouch!

I think they are getting into it!

Romantical... Kristi and James met in school... and as the story goes...

Cougar (I mean Kristi) is two years older than poor innocent little James. He thought Kristi was quite a babe... but unfortunately a babe with a boyfriend. Flash forward a year- James and Kristi are reunited after James spends a year in Paris trying to forget her... and lo and behold Kristi is back on the market.

Perfect timing, and the rest is history.

I like that story.

Always love a good ring shot!

K & J, Thanks for spending the afternoon with me and letting me drive you all around Newport.

Can't wait for April!

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