Friday, August 7, 2009

Sarah and Sean at Blithewold Mansion

Posted by Mariah:

Sarah had a beautiful (and warm) summer day, just what she was hoping for! Everything about Sarah's wedding from the Lily Pulitzer bridesmaids dresses to the pink signature drinks served at the reception felt like a breezy summer day.

Sarah is all about summer... I've never met anyone who loves the beach more than me- until I met her! You may remember Sarah and Sean from our photo date in Nantucket... I love this Nantucket bracelet that Sarah had made from pearls.

(A little more wedding-ish than the traditional rope!)

Sarah's mom gave her these gorgeous earrings the morning of the wedding.

I love Sarah's classic crisp look.

Grace Kelly!

I had the very talented Lisa Frechette as my second shooter, and she was snapping away with the boys getting ready...

Love the cuff links.

Sarah and Sean decided to see each other before hand for pictures... Hooray! Sarah really wanted to go to the beach, so this was the only way to fit it in. I love it when my clients make time for the photos!

Here's Sarah cascading across the lawn toward Sean.

So sweet!

A little snuggling and a few tears and we are off for photos. Love this shot that Lisa captured.

Barrington beach is lovely, just what Sarah envisioned.


Lisa got this shot of me perched on the wall... a few minutes after this photo I kicked one of my cameras off the ledge and into the sand. It was horrifying to say the least... but amazingly the camera was fine. I heart Nikon.

My view.

This shot happened kind of by accident because the girls were just trying to cool off. Cute! This is Lisa's shot.

...this is what I was taking... Sarah was so happy to have her toes in the sand!

Cooling off the bride.

Jumping just makes me smile.

... and running too. Lisa's view.

Arriving at Blithewold, we were greeted by the shade (thank goodness!) and beautiful bouquets by Sayles Livingston! This bouquet is so dainty and the flowers have a vintage feel, love it!

Lisa photographed all the details of the ceremony site...

... and parasols to shade the guests...

How cute is this little guy? I love the missing teeth.

A dramatic entrance is always a good idea.

Sarah and her dad, their big moment.

Here's that summery feeling again.

Frank Camera of Bristol preformed the ceremony, he always does such a great job.

Sarah's niece is such a beauty. She's the quintessential flower girl!


Mr. and Mrs. sSs!!!!!

Stay tuned next for the fabulous reception!

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