Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie and John, Adventure Photodate!

Posted by Mariah:

If they made an Olympic event in Photo-dating... this might be it.

Meet Julie and John two of the most energetic (and fit) people I have ever met.

Here's an example of a typical Saturday morning at Mariah's house...
Mariah wakes up late, scoffs down some chocolate chip pancakes (extra syrup) and then proceeds to go back to bed for an hour or two (sugar makes me sleepy)... until lunch time that is.

Now... here's a typical Saturday morning with Julie and John:
Wake up early... leisurely 50 mile bike ride- hike back to camping site (22 miles) and eat a hearty breakfast, probably something like wheatgrass and kale smoothie.

Wait for the sun to come up and then set off on a 15 mile kayak trip (keeping it short today due to a shoulder injury)...

This is the life of a couple of adventure racers!

Just thinking about this makes me sleepy... ZZZZZ

We met J & J at Julie's parent's house in South Dartmouth. They slowed down long enough for me to get a few portraits of them.

These guys have been living in Mexico for the past 2 years where Julie is teaching.

They are coming back to the area for their wedding in September which will be held right down the street from this spot!

Not a bad place to unwind.

I had to do some extreme photo-ing to keep up with these guys. Wish I had worn my sneakers... and brought my climbing gear... and maybe a safety harness, oh and a net...and a helmet.....

Love this one.

Our first challenge? Bike riding while wearing a dress.

Julie's competitive spirit comes through so of course racing ensues.

They're neck and neck.

Notice the low angle this photo is taken from... and the extreme trust on my part.


I like to lay down for photos. It's my move.

They can be sweet too.

... and romantic.

... and silly.

John loves Julie, that's plain to see. But, there is another love in his life... meet the Sportmobile...

Julie and John have lived together in this crazy vehicle driving all over the southwest and beyond... hiking canyons and kayaking and biking all over wherever they can find extreme landscapes-

...oh and also camping and surfing on remote beach locations (now that sounds like my speed).

Trish and I got to ride down to the beach in it! Unfortunately Trish smashed her head getting in to it, something tells me we might not be cut out for this lifestyle. Yes, we are lame.

You've got to have a good sense of humor living in such close quarters!

But the time alone together must be great!

If ever there were two people made for each other...!

Next challenge? Extreme scootering! John uses his scooter to zip around NYC. When he mentioned scooters I was thinking maybe vespa in a cool aqua color with a basket and some baguettes in front- not quite.

Rounding out the morning with a little kayaking...they are wearing their PFD (personal flotation devices to those in the know) because as Julie says... "Safety never takes a vacation."

Meanwhile I am nice and safe on dry land... well dry dock anyway.

Nice maneuvering guys.

Now that's coordination.

Hey look at that... I tired them out!

Can't wait for the wedding, and I am going to bring my sneakers... (just in case!)

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