Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lesley and Brett at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, Part One

Posted by Mariah:

Sunday was a beautiful day as Trish and I headed to Newport to photograph Lesley and Brett. We had a mystery guest along with us too... the lovely Lisa Frechette who graciously agreed to be a snapper for the day!

Trish bought herself a new lens... it's fun to get new toys... she wanted to be able to get shots like this:


Seeing Lesley's dress for the first time was definitely and ooh-aah moment. It has amazing embroidery on the overlay as well as the underneath, very unique... but then again so is Lesley.

Stone blossom created the elegant bouquet...

Lisa took this photo of the snappers in action.

Lesley- you are gorgeous.

... and soft and girly! Can't wait for Brett to see you!

Meanwhile, Brett is putting on the finishing touches somewhere else in the hotel...

That's Brett's dad helping him with the cuff links.

Because Lesley and Brett are well, awesome..

they agreed to a big reveal and photos before the ceremony. Thank you!

Trish and I of course appreciate a dramatic entrance, so here is what we set up for them.

Brett waiting... and Lesley cascading! This is Trish's view.

This is my view.

I love cascading- hooray for cascading!

Brett is a real gentleman and is completely insane for Lesley.

Fun little nook at the Marriott.

Next stop? The beach for photos! Lesley was willing to be a little daring in her beautiful gown for the sake of the photos- she's my kind of girl.


Guess who else was with us? Our friend Mike Picard! What a dream team!!! We always love having Mike around. He's fun, easy going, makes a laugh and can go 0 to 60 in .25 seconds in his crazy SUV- oh yeah, he's gettin' to that church on time!

Too bad Brett doesn't have any friends.

Lovely ladies. Nice job pretending to be casual!

Lisa caught this birds eye view of the action! It's fun to see it from this perspective.

Lesley just stands around being stunning, so it's really easy to photograph her.

Fun! I love this photo. Good job me.


..and good job Trish! She set up this shot and I love it. I must say the participants were not buying it and dare I say put up a slight stink- (Lesley and Brett excluded.. you know who you are groomsmen!)- anyway, hopefully after they see this shot on they blog they'll understand why they were forced to stand in the weeds.

Also Trish's idea. She was on fire! (Not literally).

This photo needs an explanation...

The cute little lady in the hospital bed is Brett's Nana. She was so excited to come to Brett and Lesley's wedding and flew here from Atlanta (I think). Anyway, the day before the wedding she slipped and fell in the hotel and broke her hip!

Lesley and Brett took time out from their day to visit Nana and cheer her up. She was so excited to see them and even witnessed the signing of the Ketubah. (The Jewish marriage contract)

It was all very sweet. Lesley and Brett are good eggs.

And we've arrived at Rosecliff... a few more photos before things get underway.

This detail of Lesley's bouquet is so lovely. Stoneblossom added white anemones with green centers (rare this time of year I am told) to match the bouquet the Lesley's mom had carried when she was married.

Beauties in training...

Lesley's proud parents...

... and Brett's...

Hey- who is that man-handling the bride? Well, none other than moi and the vivacious Robin Mcaloon, makeup artist to the fabulous and fancy. She was on hand all day for touch ups ... making sure Lesley was flawless!

Another Classic- there are just some "must have shots" at Rosecliff.

That's it for now- coming up tomorrow we have ceremony, lush details, and many crazy reception merriment shots! Stay tuned!

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