Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anne and Tony's Photodate in Boston

Posted by Trish: We headed up to Boston this past weekend for some fun Photodates with our couples that live there. Unfortunately Melissa's couple had to cancel at the last minute, so she missed out on the trip...again, sorry Melissa, next time!!!!

I am photographing Anne and Tony's wedding in November, but in the meantime...they live in the South End of Boston, otherwise known as Southie, a place that I have been to before (in the 80's) (don't ask!) but to our surprise we wound up at a cool place called Castle Island which is just down the street from their house, perfect!

We call this one "stone on stone" or "rocks on rocks" if you prefer.

Anne is not a big fan of PDA (public display of affection) so this is perfect, smooching with a little audience.

Mariah got a bunch of great shots of me snapping during this session, so I'll show you me shooting and then the photo I was taking right after it, fun!

My shot...

Here I am having the best time ever because I love taking pictures!!! And here is my bum looking really good (who knew?!), I must wear those jeans every day...forever!

Here I am lurking in the background....

Bam, here's my shot! Not too shabby a view from here!

Here's Mariah moving in on my Anne, hey! Looks like Tony is getting ready to throw Mariah right over the railing if she doesn't un-hand his woman!

This reminds me of a postcard, I guess it would say "Greetings from Southie USA".

Work it Anne!

More PDA so that Anne can get some practice in before the wedding, Tony is down!



So Mariah decided to get a little renegade here and shoot from the other side of the railing....

Luckily no one fell off. That would be a hard one to explain to Anne's mom!

Castle Island was Tony's idea for a location, a great choice I think!

Crouching photographer....

They were doing such a great job with the posing, they are so cute!

Mariah's angle, very romantic, I like it!

Coming in close...

Aww, more cuteness. I think there is plenty more where this came from!

This is my favorite shot from the day. I like how it hides the PDA and I love her posing move.

More romance in the castle...even with the cranky old guy volunteers telling us not to block the other people, not that we were. Cool doors though.

A classic.

Very castle-ly.

Yet another photo of me...


Got to have Boston in the background!

We had the BEST time with you guys. Thanks for working it and making the shoot such a success! Thank you also for lunch. Can't wait to see you again in the Fall. Enjoy the summer...

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  1. These came out so great! I live in Boston and have been to Castle Island so many tiems and never thought of it for an engagement shoot, but these are gorgeous!