Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Michelle and Mark's photodate in Jamestown, RI

Posted by Melissa

It was a beautiful day for a photodate! Thankfully I had one scheduled with Michelle and Mark. We planned to start off at Michelle's parents' summer home in Jamestown. It is just so beautiful! I can't even imagine all the fun Michelle and her siblings must have had growing up there.

We'll start with the animal friends that were hanging out at the house. This is Cotton. She is Michelle and Mark's dog. Cotton tagged along for our session so there will be more of her to come.

This little guy is one of Michelle's mom's dog, Copper. He was a little shy at first, but then his true modeling ability came out.

For those of you ladies who are worried about posing for photos on your wedding day, take some tips from Copper. Look at the range of emotion in the eyes. Has this dog been watching "America's Top Model"? He's giving me surprised, then vulnerable, then angry and last hungry! All in a matter of 30 seconds!

OK, enough with our four legged friends! Let's get to the real stars of the post, Michelle and Mark. Here they are on the beach at the end of the property. Growing up in this beautiful place had a huge effect on Michelle. She loves the ocean and is writing her thesis on invasive plants that grow on the beach.

Mark HATES getting his photo taken! He told me not to take it personally and I didn't. I did wonder why he was threatening to withhold food from me at the wedding. He also mentioned taking my camera away on the wedding day. Hey! I thought I wasn't supposed to take it personally! Just kidding!

Much to Mark's chagrin I continued to take lots of pics! He did a good job for someone who doesn't like cameras.

This is the walkway down to the beach. Let me tell you if there is a snap girl that is going to fall down on a shoot it's this one! Thankfully I made it down without falling.

Another angle.

A classic! Cotton getting some love.

How cute is she? Playing shy!

I was so excited when I saw all these rhododendrons in bloom!

So pretty!!

I love this one!

And this one! I spied this spot while we were getting ready to leave! I'm so happy we took a second to snap this one.

Off to Beavertail! This is one of Michelle's favorite places!

Oh, Cotton! How cute are you?


How great is this!? Beavertail is so beautiful!


More romance! Maybe this is my cue to go!

Michelle and Mark, I had so much fun with you guys! Can't wait for the big day!!!


  1. These are fantastic!! The pictures range from sweet to utterly romantic to fun and joyful. Which I think sums them up perfectly. Hooray! (this is Suko, the girl who was tagging along and did a little Cotton-wrangling when her fluffiness was not required in the shot :D)

  2. Suko, you had an important job that day! I didn't get to tell you thanks so I'm doing it now!