Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lesley and Brett at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

We are making our way inside now.. it's almost time for the ceremony, but we've got a few minutes to get some detail pics. Trish is in charge of that because well, she's good at it.

The ballroom at Rosecliff is just absolutely stunning.
Of course... Stoneblossom.

Cascading... can't get enough of cascading. Flowers, brides, waterfalls... it doesn't matter as long as it's cascading.

Cool cake shot Trish- cake by Mark Soliday of Confectionary Design.

Lesley is tucked away upstairs, time for my favorite part of the Jewish ceremony, the Bedeken. Brett is going to place the veil over Lesley's face and she won't take it off until after they've said their vows. It's just a lovely symbol.

If I were Jewish... I think I would probably dream of this moment from the time I was a little girl.

Okay, now I am weepy.

and I have goosebumps.

Remember what I said about must haves? Yeah, this is one too.

Trish is still on fire. I love this photo. The movement, the light, everything...


Mr and Mrs

Cocktail hour yummies... there was a seafood explosion at the cocktail hour!

Aren't these gorgeous?!

This bread was baked with some sort of delicious seafood filling on the inside... what a work of art!

... and Lobter rolls! My absolute fav! NO- I did not eat these after I took this photo. But, I must say that Brett and Lesley generously treated us all to fillet and lobster for dinner. Luckily for Mike Picard and I, 3 out of the six of the photographer/video team do not eat Lobster. Hooray for people who don't eat Lobster and Hooray for me for eating 2.5 Lobster tails in addition to my fillet. I am one spoiled snapper. Mike and I high fived each other over this little lobster-coupe.


Must have #3.

Lesley and Brett practiced there little hearts out and when the big moment came for their dance... the execution was flawless.

What girl doesn't love to twirl?

Actually, this is the moment Lesley was waiting for since she was a little girl. Dancing the Hora with her new husband. The experience did not disappoint- and when the song ended, Brett asked the band to do it again. Great photo by Lisa.

Okay, goosebumps again.

Like father like son... or vice-versa.

It's me- I LOVE the hora and get right in there risking life and limb! I've been impaled by high heels, had eyes blackened by rogue elbows and been knocked off a chair- no matter- the energy is contagious!

Good times.

Enjoying a sweet toast by Lesley's dad who said... "To 'man up', is to learn to tie your little girl's hair in pig tails for school when her mother is away" Big Hooray for a wonderful man, Lesley's dad.

MMM. Cake.

What? Easy to see where Brett gets his dance moves.

What a snooze this party is.

Brett and Lesley had the time of their lives!

Thanks for sharing it with the snapgirls- you guys were an absolute joy!

But wait, there's more! Coming up next... the photolounge. Hooray for the photolounge!

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