Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snap! Kids

Last Sunday was a beautiful day, so we met up for lunch at BeBop Burrito and then took the kids to the 'pirate ship park' in Warren (Issac's request of course. Who doesn't like a pirate ship?!

Here are the future heirs of Snap! Photography... Vianne is 7, Jacques is 11 and Isaac is 3 1/2. So it will be a wile before they officially take over (although I'm sure they will be totally unimpressed with what we do, we're moms, nothing we do could ever be cool).

Luckily they all get along! Jacques was a good sport letting Isaac beat him up.

Vianne will be in charge of album design because she's sassy...

Jacques will be in charge of sharks... you'll see it will be all the rage at weddings soon.

Isaac will be in charge of customer service because he's fresh and likes to tell people what to do!

A perfect day for a, blueberry and moose tracks, good times!

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