Monday, June 8, 2009

Sarah and Sean's Photodate with Mariah in Nantucket

Posted by Mariah:

How lucky am I to be invited to Nantucket for a photo visit with Sarah and Sean?! S & S are getting married this August at Blithewold, but briefly entertained the idea of a Nantucket wedding. Sarah's family has a house on the island and she has spent pretty much every summer of her life out there... pretty sweet.

I got a very cool tour by a very qualified tour guide!

Sarah is crazy for these flowers... Rosa Regosa that grow wild all over the beaches.

A little snuggling at the beach, I can't decide if I like the black and white...

...or the color better.

Can't really go wrong either way because these guys are so sweet together.

Sparkle! I am crazy for this photo- I wish it was scratch and sniff the roses smelled so good.

Pink and green are Sarah's wedding colors...

I loved this little building near the lighthouse. I'd like to move in.

What do you think... Nantucket Snap!?


Next stop... Steps Beach.

I wonder why they call it that?

This is truly a magical place.

Sarah is a real beach girl- she loves all things shells and sand... and rocks too. We found this little trinket on the beach- what luck!

Sarah requested this pic. She's nuts for footprints and writing in the sand. In fact, Sean proposed to her by writing "Sarah will you marry me?" in the sand while on vacation in Florida. Well, actually Sean was in cahoots with his friend who snuck down to the beach to write the message before Sarah and Sean came along for a walk. Sarah saw the message but didn't realize it was for her! She was about to launch into a barrage of subtle hints that Sean should do something similar when she turned around and saw him on one knee- I guess she wasn't expecting to see him there because she smacked him in the head by mistake and then told him to stop fooling around!

I think maybe Sarah is easy to surprise...

Sean & Sarah Sullivan (to be).

Another favorite spot on the island with a killer lookout.

Ahhh, the icing on the cake! The most yummiest homemade waffle cones (still warm mind you) filled with homemade icecream. S & S are having peanut butter cup- my flavor of choice was coconut. I'm pretty good getting these shots with an icecream in one hand and a camera in the other!

This is what I pictured Nantucket to look like...

Sarah thought it would be cute to sit on this bench for a shot- and only turned her head for a second....

That was brave Sean, stealing your friend's PB Cup goodness could really be a deal breaker. Guess Sarah was feeling generous.
Thank you so much for a terrific afternoon Sarah & Sean. I loved visiting you and I am even more excited for your wedding now. I loved my Nantucket goodies and the kids are pretty excited to sport their authentic Nantucket bracelets- next time I'll bring the blueberry pie!


  1. Thank you, thnak you, thank you, Mariah! Love the pics and loved the day together!!!!!!!!! See you August 1, sSs

  2. Great pics Sarah and Sean, and Mariah! You definitely scored with the wedding photographer, she is great.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Rob! She IS great- we're so lucky! And now we all don't have to deal with a Nantucket wedding :-) sarah

  4. well done!

    -the friend in cahoots

  5. Awesome pics! I need to make it over to ACK soon. The photographer did an awesome job. Congrats. They turned out beautiful