Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lisa and Randy at The Glen Manor 06.05.09

It was a rainy Friday for Lisa and Randy's wedding at Glen Manor. Thankfully it was at the Glen! It doesn't really matter if it's raining when you are getting married at a place that is beautiful, inside and out.

Lisa's shoes by Kate Spade! I'm a big Kate fan.

There I am! Marisa took this one of me lounging while I take a photo, making it look easy...

Here's my angle!

Using some of the beautiful details at Glen Manor for my photo-ing. Lisa's ring is gorgeous!

Another beautiful job on the flowers by Sayles Livingston

Using Sayles beautiful bouquet for ring photo-ing. More beautiful jewelery!

When I talked to Lisa she said she wanted fun, different photos. Why not take some pics in the bathroom!? Here's Lisa bringing it on the tub.

The other thing Lisa emphasized was that she wanted lots of photos of with her son and daughter and Randy's three boys. Randy later told me that they almost just flew off to Italy to get married. They decided to have a more traditional wedding because they wanted it to be about bringing their two families together.

I love these two little ladies!

Lisa and her daughter working it...

Making it official! Lisa and Randy went to junior high school together and dated in high school. They lost touch when they ended up going to different schools. A while back Lisa got the idea to call Randy out of the blue. They reunited and the rest is history. Who knows what might have happened if they continued to go to the same high school, right?

Rain? What rain?

Nice shot by Marisa

I love this picture of the boys! They are all pretty handsome. I was impressed with the posing skills!

Great family portrait!

All "the kids"

All right! So it is raining! Here I am braving the storm to get...

...this shot! Well worth it!

Such a cute little cake!


Glorious Affairs serving up some shaomai (I got to try it! DELICIOUS!). They are such a pleasure to work with! The entire crew is so nice! I can't say enough nice things about them!

First dance as husband and wife, but not their first dance... They were each other's prom dates!

These guys were holding court on this sofa all night. They called dibs!

A girl after my own heart! The converse sneakers clinched it! We hung out, talked about "Twilight". What can I say? I'm down with the 11 year olds.

I think they are having fun!

Here's Randy showing off some John Travolta moves!

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