Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Snap Cam runs the Boston Marathon... (kind of)

Posted by Mariah:

Meet Eileen! She's my bride, getting married on November 19th Woo-hoo! Eileen just ran the Boston Marathon- she's ambitious isn't she? I was excited when I found out she was running and asked if her fiancee Doug wouldn't mind taking the snap cam along... Here's Eileen picking up her bib number!

This is Eileen and her friend Shawn... he's also her running buddy. They ran together with the L Street running club in South Boston for the last 18 Sundays!

Here's Eileen 100 yards from the finish! She's in pink- She looks so happy!

...and there she goes. I think she's going to make it!

She did it and her time was 4:34! Here's Eileen showing off her medal and staying warm in her sweats...

This is the cheering squad- Doug's dad & sister, Eileen's sister and Doug's mom!

What a support system!

Here's a little excerpt from the email Eileen wrote me about her adventure...

"The experience was truly amazing and seeing Doug in the crowd got me through, but I was 100 yards from the finish and could not stop to give Doug and my family a big hug like I wanted. I was nervous if I stopped I would not be able to start running again! I wish I could have taken the snap cam with me for the run to capture the moments, but the snap cam hung out with Doug at the finish line waiting for me to finish!"

Last but not least- here's Luna. She was company for Eileen on her weekday runs, although Eileen says anything over 5 miles and Luna was all set- Eileen was on her own!

Thanks for sharing this awesome experience with us- Doug, I am sorry that there are no pictures of you... but that is the plight of the photographer- you are never photographed!

Not to worry, I'll take plenty of shots of you soon!

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