Friday, May 22, 2009

The snap cam goes Dancing with Lesley and Brett

The snap cam made it's way to the apartment of Lesley and Brett in NYC. You may remember them from their NYC photo date last month... anyway, let's peek into their lives.. wanna?!
Lesley has just come off of a whirlwind of three bridal showers! These little cookies were her favors at one of them.

Her friends made her a scrap book- and the page at the bottom was made by her mom. Lesley- you were such a cutie!

Brett's mom is a mad gardener and created this a garden for them on their balcony. Let me know when those tomatoes are ready guys- I'll be over for a salad!

Lesley and Brett at dance class! Can't wait to see their moves at the wedding in June! Who's that on the right? Their dance teacher.. Naza. I think I may want to brush up on some of my moves- ha-ha.

Here is Brett- he is a renaissance man. He cooks chicken and couscous and also takes care of all the home improvement projects- NICE!

This is Stewie- Brett is a big fan of family guy.He was a gift to Brett from Lesley in 2006- wow, that's a long life for a fish.

That was a big day- time to relax with a little vino. Lesley and Brett are big wine enthusiasts, they even got engaged at a vineyard in the Finger Lakes.

Thanks for sharing your day with us guys! See you in 3 weeks!!!!

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