Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lauren and Jeff at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, Part II

Posted by Trish: So here we are with the next batch of fab photos from Lauren and Jeff... They had an awesome day, the weather even held out so we were able to do the formals outside, although it was a bit windy! How cute are the kids, they were having the best time. It can go either way with the little ones in the wedding, but they were great, a little hyper maybe...

The hotel is right next to the World Trade Center, such a beautiful building!

They are really cute together, obviously very in love! Photo by John.

How about this awesome view of the city, what a perfect backdrop!

The wedding party did a nice job of working it for the photos, thanks guys!

Lauren was excited to get to the cocktail hour, so I had to finally let them go. I could have been there all day with all of the neat photo spots all around the hotel!

This room is so great, windows all around! Love it!

Lauren and Jeff just before they are announced into the room. The Seaport is so modern and sophisticated.

The first dance, there's Jeff being all happy looking at Lauren again!

He even did a little dip and smooch at the end, awesome!

Jeff also gave a really sweet toast to the parents and his new bride...

I love this still life, they have cool lighting in that room, thank you very much!
A monster cake by Konditor Meister, they make really delicious cake!
John captured this really sweet moment during the father daughter dance..

This was the Moonglow band, they were really good! Everyone was up and dancing.

Happy times...

This room had these really funky lights that changes colors once the dancing started...instant club, it was so great for the dancing mood!

So this little boy had the best dance moves, everyone was so impressed by him, he's not even 4 yet. So you think he must have some weird innate talent...it's from his otherwise mild mannered Dad, what?!

I was really excited when i got there and saw this textured wallpaper. I had this shot planned out from the get-go.

...and then the lights turned blue and I was really excited!!! All I did was bump up the contrast in this photo, there was no Photoshop or anything, it was just naturally fabulous, holla!

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  1. Wow some beautiful shots! Great backdrops of the city!