Friday, May 1, 2009

Samantha and Mike at the Narragansett Towers Part 3

Posted by Mariah:
Melissa took all these beautiful photos of the details at the reception. Sayles Livingston created these gorgeous arrangements. And by the way, those little Canadian butter tarts are probably the most delicious morsels of yumminess that I've ever eaten. Sam- how about if we barter an album for a supply of those babies?

While Melissa is snapping away upstairs, we are finishing with Mike and Sam outside the towers.

And, trying not to get run over...

Made it!

First Dance...

Mike, I know you are going to hate that photo on the right, but I can't help myself, it's so cute.

Mikes brothers giving the toast, which was actually more like a Personals ad... did I mention that they are single?

MMM, blue light.

Fun times!

This last shot was taken by Melissa- so romantic!

Sam and Mike- I can't wait to hear all about Hawaii! I hope you are having an amazing time.

P.S. I am not kidding about those tarts, I can't stop thinking about them.

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  1. What gorgeous photos! I am getting married at The Towers and wondered if you might tell me where the field featured in Sam and Mike's photos is located--congrats on such fantastic photographs! If you don't mind telling me how to get to the field and if I need permission to have pictures taken there, my email address is