Friday, May 29, 2009

Megan and Ryan's Photo Date at Castle Hill, Newport

Posted by Trish: These guys are getting married in just a few weeks, but we got the chance to meet up and do a little portrait session which I think was a great trial run before the day. Now they have their posing down and have gotten comfortable with the process and the camera staring them down. It's also fun to get to chat a bit and find out what's happening with all of the plans.

We ventured out to the lighthouse since it's a bit of a haul in a wedding dress but easy in sandals.

Too bad this location was so ugly...what!

The water view from up here is awesome. It's such a rich blue/green, I want to jump in!

Cute! poor Ryan was fighting the bright sun to keep his eyes open. He did a good job!

I think this is one of my favs from the day. What's not to like about a rustic lighthouse?!

Ok, they are loosening up here, looking very happy and cute together.

We got so lucky, Tuesday was a beautiful day and the rest of the week has been crapola!

Here's the classic Castle Hill shot with the house in the background, sweet!

And now with the lighthouse in the background...I love stuff in the background apparently. But I think everyone does, so this could work out.

We also hit the beach because they don't want to leave the reception to come down the day of the wedding. So this way we get the best of both.

More excellent posing... while being monitored by the Castle Hill 'guy'. If you are not staying there they don't really appreciate you traipsing around on the beach. But luckily we had the 'they are getting married here next month' card to use, whew.

I think that Ryan was really excited when this was over. But we had fun and it was nice to get to see them again and I look forward to seeing them yet again in June for the big day!

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