Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gillian and Matt in NYC!

Gillian and Matt were our last shoot in NYC, and we had never met them before this day so imagine our excitement when these two cuties appeared! We met them at the Museum of Natural History for a few warm up photos...

I liked these guys right away... they are really down to earth and comfortable to be with- plus they brought us chocolate chip cookies so of course we are instant BFF's.

Next we walked across the street to the park- man is Central Park big! You could walk around it all day and not see everything. I think this park bench shot with the man and the newspaper in the background is a classic.

Here's a peaceful little spot we found for some canoodling.

I guess Matt and Gillian run by this spot all the time and never thought they'd be having their portrait taken there some day...

Ahh, spring...

Here's Matt putting the moves on Gillian. She was cracking up because she said she didn't know he had these moves- and he said "just because we've been together 11 years doesn't mean you know all of my moves! "

Love this shot that Trish got.

Gillian says she's kind of an "un-bride" but I can totally picture her in her wedding gown- she's going to be so pretty!

I was insane for the light in this tunnel and the pattern on the ceiling.

Sparkly! Trish being creative with Gillian beautiful ring, simple and elegant just like her!

Gillian and Matt- Thank you for being so fun- it was a great ending to our NYC adventure. I confess that I ate both the cookies- even the one intended for Trish, don't tell her, I think she forgot about it!

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