Friday, May 22, 2009

Andrea and Zimiri (and Ashley's) photodate with Melissa

Posted by Melissa:
I was waiting for Andrea and Zimiri on Thames St in Newport. I had never met them before so I wasn't sure who was coming. I saw three good looking people approaching me, but thought "That's not them. There's three people in that group". I was wrong! Andrea's sister and maid of honor, Ashley, tagged along. The three of them were heading back to Maryland right after the shoot

Here is my couple, looking all Newport-y on the docks. Ashley and I were making them laugh. She turned out to be a good assistant.

The classic portrait. Very cute couple!

Andrea and Zimiri are having their reception at Glen Manor in September. Andrea is actually an event planner at a country club in Maryland. Obviously she knows what she's doing because the Glen is beautiful!

I love the docks! Such a great locale!

Zimiri is working it!

It's off to the beach! Right before I took this photo someone hit Ashley's parked car in the lot!!! WHAT! It wasn't anything major thankfully! Everyone was such troopers though. The photos didn't stop for the accident. Ashley took care it so we could continue snapping.

And look at what a great shot we got!! Thanks, Ashley!

Are we in some tropical place? No, this is Newport in May! It looks so nice and summery.

Zimiri is very funny. Andrea must have a lot of fun with him.

I love how Andrea is all curled up next to Zimiri. After looking at all the photos I'd say that's her "move".

I don't know what it's called but that orange stuff on the rocks sure is pretty. Algae? We kept calling it mold which doesn't sound pretty. Oh, well! It works in the photo!

I told you he was funny!

Love it!

Here's the other photodate attendee I've been talking about, Ashley! I had a lot of fun with these three. Ashley is not the only maid of honor. She's also going to continue her assisting duties on the wedding day, carrying my bags and holding reflectors. Just kidding!

Can't wait to see everyone in September! You guys were so much fun! Hope the fender bender was the worst of the trip back home!

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  1. LoL "mold" you weren't that far from the truth ! Its actually Lichen, which is a colony of algae and mold. Usually they tell children "Freddy Fungus met Annie Algae, and they fell in love" :o)