Thursday, May 14, 2009

Katie and Steve at Belle Mer 5.09.09 Part 2

Posted by Mariah

Our continuing adventures include a wardrobe malfunction! Ooops- don't worry though, Giggles and I snag the veil before it blows into the bay... Bob Manning got some great live action footage of the rescue which I will post next week!
Katie and the girls- everyone looks so great in the cobalt blue dresses.

The whole gang. They may look like a mild mannered bunch but just wait until they are announced into the reception.

The guys really wanted to wear their caps for a photo. Pretty cute- there was some confusion about caps vs. no caps, so we did both. I vote caps.

The bridesmaids thought ahead and got these umbrellas for Katie just in case... luckily we didn't need them, but it made for a fun prop anyway.

Katie is so lovely.

... but she's a menace on the courts- here she is giving Stuart from Belle Mer a run for his money. Stuart had the staff at Belle Mer sign this basket ball for Katie. I think in the last photo Stuart has the look of defeat written all over his face..

Beachy cake...

This is a fun group- the bridal party got very creative with their entrances- my personal fave is Alli surfing on Chewie's back.

Too bad this is going to be a boring reception...

Funny and sweet toasts from the older siblings.

Let the dancing begin! Erin, Katie and Chewie cutting a rug.

Nobody puts Katie in the corner!

Where do you think Katie gets these moves?! That's her mom in the middle.

Bye Keefe's! I am only sad that there isn't another Keefe daughter or son for me to photograph. Guess I'll have to wait about 25 years for Braydon to grow up! I'm patient.
Thank you so much for having Giggles and I at both Erin and Katie's weddings. We feel like honorary Keefe's!

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  1. Can the Keefe's do a mock wedding next year? Anniversary party? Maybe just hire me as their personal photographer to cover everyday life? I'm going to miss this clan! Who is going to call me Giggles now? So sad...

    Best of luck, guys!!!
    Love, Giggs

  2. I vote for a mock event--I'd even buy a ticket for another great Keefe event!!! Super photos on your blog and I will look forward to seeing the album on Pictage.