Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Honeymoon Snaps! Sam and Mike in Maui...

The coolest part about planning a wedding in my opinion... going on the honeymoon! I always want to hear where our clients are going and then of course see some pics from all the fun places they've been. Here's Sam and Mike- married this April in Narragansett. They went to Hawaii!

(Just in case the flowers and fruity drinks didn't give it away.)


Can you stand how beautiful this is? The water looks so refreshing. Sam says this pic was from the Road to Hanna. They hiked to this red sand beach.

Here's a pic from Mama's Fish House in Maui- Mike and Sam highly recommend it.

AAHHH... what's better than that?

Thanks for sharing the photos guys! We are all totally jealous!

We want to start making honeymoon snaps a regular feature on the blog- so send us your pics!

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