Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sarah and Wes in NYC!

Sarah and Wes were our first shoot in NYC- we were worried about the rainy forecast and grey skies, but we decided to go for it anyway and I am so glad we did! Sarah and Wes live on from the Hudson, and there is a great park across the street from their apartment building- the perfect spot to start our shoot.

Sarah and Wes met at work... but shortly after their meeting Sarah was transferred to Milan for two years! A romantic long distance relationship followed with Wes jetting to London and France to meet up with Sarah when he could... I love that story!

The real star of the show is Nuggs- the cutest pug on the planet. This little guy is packed with personality... and kibble too. ha ha.

Look at that face...

Nuggs is a little spoiled...

I am embarrassed to say that this photo was taken completely by accident- but I love it.

Sarah mentioned casually to me once that they had a cute little Vespa that they zoom around the city on- of course we made them demonstrate.

Trish caught this action shot- love the zooming.

How cute are they in their helmets?!

Next stop, Central Park- but first some smooching by the subway.

I had this inspiration when passing this patch of beautiful pink tulips, Trish had to hold the flower steady because Sarah's ring was weighing it down!

We stopped to listen to these musicians. The name of their band is Tin Pan Blues Band.
They were amazing- in fact I bought two of their CD's as a birthday gift for my sweetie. We had Sarah and Wes practice a little dancing for us... and this shot is perfect.

Trish took this fabulous super spring photo.

There are so many beautiful little bridges and tunnels in Central Park- I can't believe I've never been before. It was such a treat to get to tag along with Sarah and Wes for a romantic stroll.

Thanks so much S & W... We had so much fun hanging out with you and getting to know you both better. Hope you had fun at the derby party and thanks so much for the yummy lunch.
See you soon... can't wait to meet the rest of your family and give Nuggs a squeeze from the snapgirls!

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