Monday, April 6, 2009

snap! shenanigans

My friend Courtney, (the best hair stylist in the whole world, former snap! bride, part time snap! model, and avid snap! blog reader) coined the phrase "snap! shenanigans" one day when she was telling us how she reads the blog everyday to keep up with our adventures. I thought that was pretty funny, I like catchy phrases, especially when they include the word snap! Anyway... some of you may remember the recent blog post where we did a snap and chat with Mike Picard, videographer extraordinaire.... If you missed it, click HERE to catch up...
Why do Trish and I look so pleased in this photo? Well, when we visited Mike last we were giving him some unsolicited and probably unwanted advice on how he could put a feminine touch on his office and meeting area. That was back in February... it's April and we are back at Mike's- and he has transformed his man town office into a comfy meeting space. Check it out...
This is the 80's couch we told Mike to deep six- I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled into the driveway and saw it in the garage! The bottom photo is Mike's dining room set (which he never used) taking up all the awesome space that Trish envisioned for a sectional and viewing area. Side Note: Trish is obsessed with sectionals and thinks everyone in the whole world should own one.
TA_DA!!! How great is this room now? Don't you just want to curl up on that couch and watch wedding DVD's? YES! I think Mike might have some trouble getting his clients to leave.
What a good job you did Mike! (I have some man type home improvement projects for you if you are interested...)

And a finishing touch... Trish helps Mike hang a lovely canvas print that we brought him for his gallery. the photo is from Karalyn and Erik's wedding that we did together in February. Mike is demonstrating his mad photo hanging skills. Trish looks quite proud of herself here I think.

All Mikes man-town stuff is safely tucked away in his office now.

Meet Jackson, the newest member of Mike's family. Trish spied him napping in his crate. She's allergic to dogs, but couldn't resist snuggling him anyway... the doctor's say the swelling should go down soon.

Next stop... a visit to our friend Semia with another canvas.

This time I do the honors... looks great!

We are crazy for canvas! Does anyone else need a nice canvas print for their office? Don't be shy you florists, planners and caterers... let us know!

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  1. Good Job, Mike! The new meeting room looks awesome!