Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Allison and Nicholas at Castle Hill, Part One

Posted by Trish: Well, it was a pretty rainy day on Saturday, not what you think of when you picture your wedding. Especially if you are from the D.C. area and have been enjoying a beautiful Spring...BUT it was fabulous anyway!!! I headed down to Castle Hill ready for battle...

A beautiful 'Spring' bouquet from Stoneblossom.

There can never be too much sparkle!

Allison getting beautified. Not that she needs much help.

Nicholas traveled to Newport for business a while back and loved it here. He randomly picked a postcard up at a shop and wrote a beautiful note to Allison.... this is a hard one to beat, so romantic!

Fast forward to after the engagement and plans set for a Castle Hill wedding in Newport...Allison had the postcard up on her desk at work and one day noticed that the postcard picture was of Castle Hill!!! It was fate!

This was the front of their invitation, the words from the postcard!

An adventure indeed!

Just waiting for instructions, what do we do next? Hurry up and wait!

LOVE the pinstripes!

Since Nicholas wears a bow tie to work everyday, this was no biggie to tie his without even looking...

Perfection. On the first try!

Beautiful and ready to go!

These hearty souls were up for having their first meeting outside, even in the rain, as you will see it was TOTALLY worth it....

I have never seen this room at Castle Hill before, I was totally insane for the wallpaper and mirror, I love this shot the best I think.

These two are so in love and it shows! It was so fun to see them together, they are a very sweet couple.

The inside of Castle Hill was so perfect for their photos, I think it went so well with them, maybe even better than if we were out on the lawn...

Here's our handsome groom working the 'man pose', well done!

This was actually a candid shot in the foyer, the light and architecture are so lovely at Castle Hill.

Here's your classic wedding photo shot, got to have it!

The rain was still coming down but they ventured out to a covered porch n the front for a few pix outside...

A casual shot in the bar area...

They had the best time canoodling for the camera, they're good at it for sure!

This is what I'm talking about! Allison really 'brought it', who needs sunshine when you look like this?!

Check back tomorrow for part two...the first dance and ceremony!


  1. trishy- you really knocked it out of the park.
    i feel inspired! love, m

  2. Nice work! That lighting came out very cool..I would say battle won!