Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The snap cam Easter Extravaganza in Old Saybrook

Posted by Mariah:
Katie and Steve had the snap cam next... just in time for the arrival of the Easter Bunny/Baby. This is Braydon, Katie's nephew... isn't he the cutest? The Keefe family celebrated Easter at home in Old Saybrook with lots of yummies...

Katie and Steve giving the Easter Baby a little snuggle...

Even the Goose is getting into the Easter spirit. Katie's big sister makes an appearance too! Hi Erin! (Melissa and I photographed Erin and Doug's wedding last October). I love Sally's expression in the background. I hear Sally put on quite a delicious Easter feast for the whole clan...

Here's Steve and Aggie... (Katie's canine niece)
I think maybe Steve is trying to get her to wear the bunny ears too.

Braydon and grandpa having a little quality snuggle time. I think they are telling each other jokes in this photo... did you hear the one about the baby and the dirty diaper?

These are Katie's cousins from Ireland before the big Easter egg hunt...

Lookout! Steve is stealing your eggs! Pretty sneaky using the snap cam as a distraction.

Sure, he looks innocent and sweet washing the dishes but actually he is a candy thief.

Guess Katie saved the biggest chocolate egg for herself!

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! See you all on the 9th! (mariah & giggles)

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