Friday, April 17, 2009

Jennifer and Mike "Hop Across the Pond" for a photodate with Mariah

Jen and Mike are living in London and planning their wedding at the Glen Manor on September 19th. I was so excited that they could make a trip back for their photodate with me. Not only did they make the trip, but were really excited about it and had a few fabulous Providence locations in mind. We started at the Brown campus where Jen went to school - smarty.

Someone was nice enough to leave their bike out front of the library, which happened to coordinate perfectly with Jen's dress...

It's finally spring, and although it was slightly chilly... the trees are blooming.

Jen was excited to show me her ring because when we met the first time, she didn't have it yet. Actually, when they booked me they weren't formally engaged! These guys do things their own way! I thought it would be fun to perch Jen's ring on this adornment on the gates at the front of Brown. Jen says you only walk through these gates twice in your time at Brown, once as freshman and then on the day you graduate. Cool.

... a little closer to maximize the sparkle...

... I think this says "long live true love"...

(I made that up).

Mike is the best! He did anything I asked and kept saying... "I am trying!" Trish always says that you get back what you put into the photos. In other words, if you are having a good time and go with our whacky suggestions, you'll end up with some cute shots... case in point. Thanks for "bringing it" Mike.

Our next locale, a glamorous strip mall & bagel shop on Brook Street. This spot was high on the priority list for Jen and Mike because Jen is obsessed with these bagels and dreams of them while she is living far away in England existing on fish and chips and such. How to make the Bagel Gourmet look glamorous?.... hmmm.

Eureka! Bagel genius. I surgically enlarged the bagel hole with a plastic knife for this shot.

Jen's two favorite things... oh, and Mike of course.

Next stop, the river. A special spot for Jen and Mike.

Why is it a special spot? Because Mike told Jen that he was in L**E with her here. What's that? What did he say? L**E! I don't follow you... what?

Apparently Mike said... "I want to tell you how I feel about you. It's a word that starts with L and ends with E, and it's not LIKE."

Well, Jen went to Brown so she had an idea where he might be going with this. She made him say it anyway.

Here's Mike throwing her in the river because he is embarassed that she is telling me this story.

Lot's of sparkle going on today.

So sweet when they aren't tossing each other in.

My favorite photo of the day.

When Jen and Mike and I were getting ready to head out on our photo-safari, I said... "I'll follow you, what are you driving? Mike said, "see that big truck with the roof rack?"

I said, "What are you parked next to it?

He said, "No, that's my car!"

And so of course, we had to do some photos like this!

...and this!...

The descent was a little trickier- but Mike's been working out. I even "bought a ticket to the gun show" (gave his bicep a squeeze- couldn't resist!)

That was a blast! See you guys soon!!!


  1. Mariah, Mike and I are thrilled with these photos! We could not have hoped for anything better. Thank you so much. We had a blast and can't wait to see you in September! xoxo, Jen

  2. I work right around the corner from bagel gourmet. John and I ate there for lunch today. Made me smile that they made the blog... such a hidden treasure :)


  3. I believe this is what Trish and I were talking about! Mariah, you are the photodate queen! And Bagel Gourmet is SOOO good!!!!

  4. As father of the bride to be, I couldn't hope for more natural pictures that express the feelings these two people have for each other. Thank you Mariah, and I look forward to meeting you and experiencing their wedding. Thank you.
    Bill Beckmann