Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Samantha and Mike at the Narragansett Towers 4.28.09 Part 1

Posted by Mariah

All week long I watched the weather because I couldn't wait to prove Mike wrong. You may remember that Sam's family has been afflicted with the "Neily curse" (a.k.a. horribly rainy weather for all Neily family functions including but not exclusive of: graduations, birthday parties, vacations, etc. etc.). When Mike and Sam and I were discussing possible photo locations Mike glumly chimed in... "It doesn't really matter because it's just going to rain anyway." Well, I am an eternal optimist and I just couldn't believe that Sam's wedding day was fated to be a wash out. So, thanks to the beautiful day...
the score is now optimism 1, Neily curse.... something like 440.
Sayles Livingston created the beautiful spring bouquets for Samantha and the bridesmaids.
A little something blue...

These gorgeous invitations were created by La Bella Rue.

Melissa met the boys for a few photos in the sunshine- how handsome is Mike?

Meanwhile, Robin McAloon puts the finishing touches on Sam.

I was wondering what was the story with all these french fries... apparently, Sam hasn't eaten her two fav's, french fries or chocolate since December! Mike sent over these french fries for Sam the afternoon 0f the wedding!

I love this picture. Sam is so beautiful, and just as sweet inside to match the outside.

The big moment...Mr. Neily couldn't wait to walk Sam down the aisle even if it meant doing it on crutches- he had a fall a few days before the wedding and injured his knee!
(that cursed curse again!)
Photos by Melissa.

Mike's uncle married them- I love this shot by Melissa.

Happy happy.

Really happy!

Having a little moment right after the ceremony.

I love the room at the back of the church, we waited here while the trolley took the wedding guests on to the reception... it was a gorgeous spot for photos and Melissa captured this fun shot of the ladies relaxing.

My view.

I was crazy for this archway.

Melissa's view...

Such a good looking couple! Yikes!

The other side of this door was all green and rustic- and I love it! Sam and Mike indulged my doorway fetish and put up with getting hit with it as people tried to come through it from the other side. (thanks guys!)

Melissa's gorgeous doorway photo... These are the front doors to St. Peter's of the Sea Episcopal Church in Narragansett.

Cue the wind please.

I am going to have to post this wedding in several parts because there are just too many fantastic photos! Coming up next, a beautiful field of photographs, snaps at the beach, reception details and reception fun... stay tuned!


  1. Great pictures!
    Congrats to Sam and Mike!
    My parents went to the wedding.
    The Neily curse did strike, as Sam's dad has his knee go through a rotten board at their home!
    Looking good, Sam! Congrats!


  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love the one you captured of the girls sitting on the bench - such a true happy moment!

  3. No curse! Her Dad was there and was able to walk Sam down the aisle! AND they have amazing photos! More positives than negatives here so the curse is broken!

  4. What a beautiful bride and groom! There was so much love and happiness felt all day and all night. Congratulations Mike and Sam, we love you!