Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Sabine...She's kind of a big deal.

Posted by Trish
Heidi and Otto just had their first wedding anniversary. I had the pleasure of photographing them last year on March 29th at Belcourt Castle. So, Otto being the lovely man that he is called me to arrange photos sessions for their new daughter as a surprise gift to Heidi for the first anniversary, how great is that. I was honored to be asked!

So here is the fab Sabine at one month old...ta-da!

What you talkin' 'bout mom and dad?

I wish we had a ruler next to her, because she is so tiny!

Apparently she finds me and my photo-ing skills to be totally boring. Whatever.

Mariah caught this cool shot...

Then she gave her a little smile!

Baby says knock you out...

As you can see she is really excited about her very preppy Newport tennis outfit...

I have never seen such an alert one month old. I think she's going to be really smart!

She's shagadelic too.

See you again at 4 months Sabine. Get all of your outfits ready!

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