Monday, April 6, 2009

snap and chat with Pamela D'Orsi Ryan

The snap!girls hit the road again... this time to visit our friend Pamela in East Greenwich. A lot of you probably know Pamela as a wedding planner (PDR Events), but did you also know about her beautiful little shop on Main Street in East Greenwich? Downtown East Greenwich is a hub of wedding activity actually... there are quite a few bridal shops and Stoneblossom is right down the street too. Trish and I love to grab a little lunch in one of the cute restaurants on Main Street, it would make a fun wedding planning day if you are in that area!

There's so much to look at in Pam's shop. She has great taste and a classic style.

You might want to plan to spend a little time here!

I am busy snap and chatting while Trish takes some shots of Pamela's shop-

so cute and cottage-y.

We had a fun surprise waiting for us too, Pamela has a new roommate at NE invitations! She's sharing her space with Nancy Spirito of Bridal Finery. Trish and I have long admired Nancy's beautiful work with jewerly, accessories, head ware & veils, wraps and capes etc... but we've never had the chance to meet in her person. Turns out she's just as lovely as her creations!

Pamela met Nancy at an industry party and discovered that she had a space down the street. Immediately Pamela's wheels started turning because she's a savvy business lady. Pamela would stop in a plant the seeds of a collaboration... Pamela says Nancy didn't say much at first... "I had to woo her! " Well, if anyone could, it's Pamela!

"I've always wanted to include 1 or 2 other vendors into my space to be more marketable, I want to be able to offer a lot of high end services to the bride. It's very important to me to have a storefront, the women that come in here can immediately get a sense of my style and my standards." says Pamela.

"We are a match made in heaven!" says Pamela. "We are constantly tweaking things and changing things. Styles keep changing, Nancy changes the windows while I have my nose to the computer doing my detail sheets! She can whip up a beautiful display in an hour while it might take me four!"

A few of the sparkly treasures on display in the shop...

What a terrific blend of Nancy and Pamela!

More bridal finery...

Pamela is so full of life, that's what we like best about her. She's really enthusiastic and energetic and pulls out all the stops to make her events as glamorous and as seamless as possible. She's got a terrific laugh and sense of humor and makes everyone feel right at ease.

She always looks so good too- I think I'd like to hire her as my personal shopper. She's laughing here because we are asking her how she does it?! She runs around at the weddings making sure everything is perfect according to the well laid plans- but yet looks like a million bucks and never breaks a sweat! What is her secret?

"I was a buyer for Talbot's for six years, so I know how to put together a clean, crisp look. I am really strict with my staff and give them an inspection before an event. I want to see that black dress they are wearing and what earrings and necklace they are wearing with it! I was taught no matter where you work, you've got to put on your uniform, that way you are always pulled together." Good advice!

Pam is gearing up for her busiest season yet- her business is already well established even though she only started it in 2006. I remember when she called us to introduce herself- Pamela definitely leaves a lasting impression! She says her secret was to introduce herself to the best in the industry and then knock it out of the park! I would definitely agree with that.

The best thing about Pamela is her bigger than life personality, I think a lot of her clients are drawn to her because of that.

"Sometimes my clients are shy and I can help bring them out of their shells a bit. Sometimes, they are overwhelmed by details and that's where I can help them focus. Most often they are working professionals married to their jobs, but still want all the bells and whistles of a 2009-2010 wedding. I have a vibrant personality, so it's also important to know when to turn it down a notch too!"

What!? Don't turn it down Pamela! It's what we love best! Thanks for letting us snap! and chat you! I know you are a big blog fan, here's to many more appearances and a great 2009 season!

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