Saturday, April 25, 2009

Melissa's photodate in Bah-ston with Sarah and Zack

Posted by Melissa:

I was so excited for my photodate with Sarah and Zack for a couple of reasons. First of all I was looking forward to doing a photo shoot in Boston! I don't get to go up there as much as I would like. This was a special treat for me. More importantly I was excited to meet these two! Sarah and I have been emailing back and forth for a while now, but I had yet to have a face to face meeting with her.

I was imagining a good looking couple and what do you know!? I was right!

We made our way to the Navy Ship Yard. Zack is actually in the Coast Guard so this was the perfect location. I'm crazy for this photo!

Love it! I think these photos have a vintage sort of feel to them... I hope Sarah and Zack will agree with me on this one! That's the "look" we were going for.

So did anyone notice the height difference? Zack is 6"6' and Sarah is 5"4'!! Thank goodness for heels!!

Sarah and Zack are getting married in 2010 at Harkness Mansion in CT. I LOVE this venue! It's beautiful! Sarah is actually an event planner by trade. I'm sure with her attention detail the wedding is going to be amazing! She has exhibited good decision making so far especially in the boy department.

Oh, sun flare!! I love you...

Nose kisses!

I'm sure you've all noticed Zack's adorable dimples by now! Sarah seems to like them.

I wish that Sarah or Zack had a camera to take a photo of me taking this photo. I was all twisted up with a reflector in one hand and a huge camera in the other. I must have looked ridiculous because they were definitely laughing at me.

I was trying to get them to "cheese it up" but I think Sarah "over cheesed" by Zack's standards. Here he is teasing her a little bit.

Here we are at the scene of their first date, a bar called "Match"! And a match was made...

Finally Sarah gets to be the tall one! It suits her. She looks sassy! Zack is sass-ing it up in a manly sort of way.

Well, our photodate story was bitter sweet. As I mentioned before Zack is in the Coast Guard. As of Saturday he is on active duty. He'll be shipping out to Kuwait soon and won't be back until January.

In one of the first emails I got from Sarah she said "He is wonderful and brave and I still can't believe he is actually leaving!"
Zack, be careful out there and get home safe and sound!

Sarah and Zack, I had so much fun with the two of you! I hope these photos make you smile! I can't wait for the wedding and I'm looking forward to seeing you next year!


  1. They look amazing! Especially love the one with Sarah lovingly poking the dimples...adorable! That last one is perfect for the vintage postcard idea, Sar! ~Allison

  2. Sarah these photos are amazing! I love the one by the match bar. I think it looks so beautiful. Also, I agree the last picture looks like a post card it is so perfect! You guys look awesome:) Definitely in love and not cheesy at all!-Mer

  3. Melissa you've outdone yourself. These are so beautiful!