Thursday, April 16, 2009

Katie and Steve's Photodate with Mariah

Katie and Steve are getting married in less than a month! May 9th to be exact... at Belle Mer. I can't wait! I love these guys and their family, I photographed Katie's sister Erin last October when she and Doug got married and I can't wait to see the whole gang again. I drove down to Old Saybrook to Katie's parents home for our photodate. I was excited to see that Steve still has all his teeth (he's been playing professional hockey in Denmark). Nice choppers too- it would be a shame for them to get knocked out. Don't laugh, Trish's dad was a hockey player too and when her parent's got married he was missing a front tooth! Probably not exactly what Katie is picturing for her wedding day...

Katie and Steve had a jam packed Friday full of family and wedding related activities, so we scheduled our shoot at noon- not the best time for pics... but we lucked out and this beautiful foggy haze rolled in. This spot is directly across the street from there house. On a sunny day you can see Long Island- so cool.

I am crazy for the color of the sky and the water here.

So cute.

Steve is a trickster- I don't think he would actually push Katie in though...

I was asking Steve about his proposal... it was apparently an elaborate scheme involving quite a few of Katie's family members and of course he asked Katie's dad for permission. Katie's dad and her brother are shall we say... protective of the baby in the family. I think they have accepted Steve though because they allow him into the man town hangout above the garage- boys only!

Katie is so pretty.

Steve didn't like this pose- to uncomfortable on his butt- he put up with it though.
I love it- and I love the sticks and rocks and beachy stuff.

What is going on here you might wonder... this is Katie and Steve's signature move...Guitar Leg!
You'll probably see this move again on the dance floor at their wedding. I hope so!

You have to drive over this little causeway to get to their house. I wanted to use it the last time I was in Old Saybrook- but there wasn't time. I'm glad I saved it for Katie and Steve. It's a favorite place she walks with her mom.

Glamorous Katie.

Strolling around town.

The restaurant next door was smelling pretty yummy... it was more than these two could take! It's a wrap, lunch time!

See you guys in a few weeks... it's going to be so much fun!

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