Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michelle and John's Photodate with Mariah (and Trish too!)

Sunday was an absolute jewel of a day, and I was so thankful for the sunshine because Trish and I were headed to Newport to shoot Michelle and John's photodate. They had been staying at the Chanler and watching the rain for the few days leading up to our shoot. I hadn't met them yet, but their fabulous wedding planner Raina of Raina Dawn Events had made all of the arrangements for our big day. The ladies of New Leaf Salon (Courtney & Leah ) were on hand to style Michelle's beautiful locks... Videographer Mike Cyr of Buzz Media was there too to document the action...I love it when a plan comes together!

Imagine my delight when I saw these two cuties waiting to be snapped!

I love this shot of Michelle- such pretty eyes!

Here's the gang... Raina is my stylist for the day and Mike is getting a few behind the scenes shots... I have a feeling I am not escaping his lens...

How nice of Raina to arrange for this little boat as a prop... (just kidding).

Featuring Michelle's bling a little bit here...

A shoot in Newport is not complete with a little tourist type background.

Trish's take...

These people didn't know what to make of us.

These tourists are oblivious though. The lady on the phone cracks me up.


Michelle and John are having their reception at Oceancliff. This is a fun perspective that we don't usually have a chance to get on the wedding day.

So cute.

Next, it's off to the beach. This one is right down the street at Castle Hill. Trish's angle...

Here's me doing my lion impersonation.

I was so excited for this photo. John and Michelle were real troopers, this grass is not comfortable and full of thorns and burs. See how when you trust the snappers you get the awesome shots? Thanks guys!

...so romantic.

the team...

A little wardrobe change, is this august or april?- hard to tell!

This is my other favorite.

This reminds me of CA.

Trish's shot... The End.

We just discovered these fun little borders so I thought I would test them out on a couple of Michelle and John's pics.

We are thinking they'd be cute on a canvas print...

Michelle and John- that was so much fun! I am even more excited for the wedding now that we've met in person!


  1. Wow!! What an incredible day. John and I felt so special and I am just so excited with how great these turned out. The locations and the weather were just perfect. Can't wait for what's to come too. THANK YOU Mariah and Trish (and Raina and Mike!) for an unforgettable experience!

  2. Mariah and Trish - Thank you guys so much! The pictures are top notch. You can even make a guy with an ugly mug like myself look good. Great location choices, i cant believe we got all this done in the short time we had, you guys are awesome!
    - John

  3. These pictures are amazing. I love them so much that I went with Courtney at New Leaf Salon for my own wedding this summer... and found that great navy jacket at a boutique in New York. Thanks for the great style ideas! - Lauren