Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ximena + Cem at the Ocean House in Watch Hill RI, Part One

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah and Melissa:

The Ocean House is a spectacular new-old venue in quaint seaside Watch Hill RI. It's been closed for many years, but after extensive renovations reopened this season. Ximena and Cem's wedding is our first at the newly reopened Ocean House. I was very excited for the wedding for this reason, but also because Ximena and Cem are such sweet people who truly love their families. I knew it would be a beautiful and intimate wedding...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy for all things shell... and the Ocean House is literally dripping with beachy accents.

The view from Ximena and Cem's suite.... Greetings from Watch Hill!

Ximena had a very unique gown which I thought was the perfect choice for her seaside elegant summer wedding.

This bouquet was so fresh and so lush it literally did not seem real. One of the loveliest bouquets I've seen in a long time and the way that the ribbon was wrapped on the stems was amazing.

The girls having a little toast to get things rolling.

How adorable is Ximena? She has the softest brown eyes!

Everyone's getting a little emotional while Ximena the girl transforms into Ximena the bride!

This is the 2nd floor living room in Ximena's three story suite called the Tower Suite... I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something extra special.

Pretty in the picture window.

I LOVE this photo of Ximena and her parents who very cleverly posed themselves this way. Isn't Ximena's dad so dashing and her mom so stylish?

Meanwhile, Cem's dad id helping him with the finishing touches.

The men were busy down the street getting their photo on with Melissa.

Conveniently, the church is located directly across the street from the Ocean House, but just in case anyone missed it the balloons are a dead give away.

Such a little beauty!

Ximena and her dad making their way over to the church!

There was no lingering, Ximena literally walked across the street and right down the aisle! It happened so quick, luckily Melissa was waiting for her!

The bishop who married them lives in Jamaica currently but spends part of his summers in Watch Hill... random!


A mariachi band ( a tribute to Ximena's Mexican heritage) was waiting to greet the newlyweds as they came thru the doors.

Ximena and Cem decided to make a quick escape for some time (and photos) alone!

Out trusty steeds... how cute are their fuzzy feet? I hopped up front with the driver for a birds eye view of the action!

Too cute! There was a lot of snuggling going on in that carriage. Good thing I didn't get horse and buggy-sick turning around in my seat like that.

Cruising thru the center of Watch Hill...

Meanwhile, back at the church... refreshing Popsicles for the guests!

Definitely a hit on a hot day!

What's a cool pop without some musical mariachi accompaniment?
Stay tuned for the formals and reception coming up next!

Magic Makers:
Gown: Oscar de la renta
Bridesmaids: Amsale
Brides Veil and Hair Accessories: Brideshead Revisited
Hair and Makeup: Bella Vita Salon
Groom's Suit: Armani
Grooms men's Suits: Calvin Klein
Wedding Planner: Rose Marie Bello/ Lettres
Cake: Ana Parzych

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