Friday, August 13, 2010

Alison and Adam at Belle Mer, Part 2 ... Newport Wedding Photographer

Posted by Trish: Photos by Trish and Melissa

So do you think you can take more of the cuteness? Seriously. Did I mention that they are as nice as they are cute. How is that even possible to have all that at the same time. Well, they do it! Here's Alison lounging before the ceremony in the upstairs room at Belle Mer, so chic!

A sneek peek at what she will be changing into later in the evening, more feathers!

Even though they had already seen each other for a few hours before the ceremony, Adam still looks so excited to see his bride come down the isle. This is where two photographers really comes in handy!

The ceremony had to be indoors because of the rain, it's no water view, but it sure ain't ugly in there!

So cute!!! Ah, I just want to squeeze her!

I love the Dad's touching them on each side...

Oh, yes! A little Key West inspired Key Lime drink...

More topical inspired decor at the cocktail hour.

A beautiful cake, so delicate and lovely.

Now we get serious with the feathers. I love these feather-palm tree centerpieces. The up lighting really shows it off, how fun!!! The little lounge in the background is fun too...

The big entrance in for the first dance...

They are truly a HAPPY couple, did I mention how cute they are?

A little bird's eye view of the festivities.

They have come a long way since that first kiss at age ten! Wow.

The rain finally let up a bit so we headed out for a few pics.

And we all know how I feel about the blue I was a little out of my head at this point.

The air was so wet that it reflected the light everywhere and made for a magical blue light that you don't get very often, it was special!

But then again this is a special couple so it's the least nature could do for them after raining all day.

So romantic!

Oh yeah Ali. Work. It.

Like feathers and bling, there can never be enough spinning in a wedding gown.

The other nice thing about the weird weather is that you could actually see the bridge in the background, on a clear night it's really hard to photograph it so that you can really see it, wa la!

My favorite.

So happy that we got that window for photos, of course it started raining like mad again after this!

A little sugar rush before dancing.

Ali's dad is giving his full approval here, and Adam got his smile from his mom!

This was the best dance party ever, the DJ played the best music! The dance floor was crazy full all night long!

This was definitely the right thing to do with the centerpiece, it was just asking for it really.

I hope you like this shot because I crouched down to get it and became completely soaked, as if I had just jumped into a pool. It was that kind of night. At least it was warm out.

Oh yeah, costume change!

These two danced all night and danced with every single guest that was on the dance floor, I have never seen anything like it. They are obviously people of the people, leaving no guest unturned. Plus they danced a lot with each other!

How cute is her dad here, what a nice family!

The last dance...look at how sweetly he is holding her back. Oh Adam.

Running those ten miles has paid off, look at those legs, go Ali!

THanks for a great day, sorry that it rained, but you are awesome and I know you will have a fabulous life together! Did I tell you how cute I think you are?

Lodging: The Pearls
Venue: Belle Mer
Flowers: Paul at Broadway
Video: Bellevue Productions
Photographer: Snap!

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  1. Such gorgeous photos! I love the feather theme! Especially the centerpieces!