Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lisa + Jim at the Red Lion Inn, Cohassett MA ... Part 2

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah and Sarah:
Well, don't believe everything you read...
Here we are at the beach, so far so good only a few pesky sprinkles...

It's actually beautiful conditions for photography, soft light and a slight fog... romantic!


This one is so cute.

Look Lisa! Outside Photos!!!
I love how all the girls are wearing different dresses in shades of grey...

One of my fav's from the day. Shout out to Erin, second to last on the right- she's my bride from June 19th in Nantucket! Hollla!

Okay, when we were trying to take this shot it felt like a complete cluster jam.
It started to rain pretty hard, the bridal party was scattered, the groomsmen were a tad uncooperative and my equipment was getting soaked.
Turns out- I LOVE this photo! Ah, it was all worth it. I think this is the kind of shot that you'd really cherish over time.

Because the men were not playing nice I made them stand in the rain. Ha ha!
Just kidding, it wasn't all the men being naughty, just 3 of them - but unfortunatley they all must suffer.
(you know who you are, don't f%#@ with rainbowbrite).

Another fav of the day... love it!

Definitely time to call it a wrap.

On to the party!

The Red Lion Inn has a cool rustic barn kind of feel.

Snuck this shot of L and J in during a lull in the party, 3rd fav!

Being cute in the photobooth...

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Everyone was getting down!

Last song... big dramatic finish, love it!

When you hope for sunnys skies and you get relentless drizzle, you have to make the most of it, you have to make your own fun. Marriage is like that too, you've got to be able to laugh. It really is the key. (Couldn't help myself).
Lisa and Jim, you were awesome. I am impressed by your perseverance and your fun loving natures. I know you probably thought the photos would e a disaster considering the elements, so I hope you love these posts! xoxo Mariah

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