Friday, August 20, 2010

Katie and Peter's Mini Photodate in Providence

Posted by Trish:

I finally got the chance to meet Katie and Peter last week here at the office, we then headed out for a little photo excursion around Davol Sqaure. The evening light was amazing and we are so lucky to be right in the city with so many great little spots for photos! This is just a non impressive spot under the old highway. It's sometimes hard to tell people how great it is even if it's not a 'pretty' background. It's all about the light, doesn't matter where you are!

This is under the new 195 bridge, a weird sensation being under all of those cars going over.

I love the way she is looking at Peter in this shot.

So I actually did meet Katie once a long time ago for just a minute. When she was in college (Babson in Wellesly)she babysat for a good friend of mine who lives up in Wellesly.

When she left college and moved to San Francisco she met Peter, guess where he is from...Wellesly! Small world!

They are totally you can see here.

There was a lot of pressure here on me to pick only photos where Katie's hair looks good. But I can't tell, I feel like it looks good in all the photos, I'm nervous. I guess if this post mysteriously disappears one day we'll know why.

They are getting married at the new Ocean House in Watch Hill in October...cannot wait to go there!!!!

This is Katie's grandmother's ring, she offered it to her right after she met Peter, she knew he was a keeper. Not that she would have, but how could she say no after he presented her with this ring?!?!

Thanks for getting together with me in the city. See you in the Fall!!!!

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  1. What great images of Katie and Pete! Looking forward to working with you on their wedding!!!