Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carolyn and Dan's Photodate in Newport

Posted by Trish:

I drove down to second beach last week to meet up with Carolyn and Dan who are getting married in October. I realized that this was my first trip to the beach this summer, in any capacity. So I was feeling lucky to have gotten the chance to be there and appreciate the beautiful weather and this beautiful place where I live, I love Little Rhody!
Look what we found in this clam shell...

They were a little nervous starting out, as usual. Carolyn was worried about Dan, but it turned out that she was more nervous that he was!

I would encourage couples to do a few tequila shots in the car before your portrait session, not really, but if it helps...

She doesn't really need tequila anyway, she's a natural beauty!

Is there anything more romantic than walking on the beach on a warm summer evening? I don't think so. Well maybe a few things but this is in the top 3 for sure!

See, the romance is oozing!

We were at second beach in Newport, it's so fabulous there, rocks, grass, sand. I guess that is what there is at every beach...but it seemed particularly fabulous to me for some reason.

Oh, I forgot to mention rose hips, lots of those too.

They will be getting married in October up in the Boston area, so these photos will be nothing like their wedding photos, kind of fun.

Oh man, that evening light is amazing!


Ah, the weeds never looked so good!

I figured I better get a few that actually show the beach and water in the background...

Oooh, hot stuff Carolyn!

What an awesome night! Thanks guys, can't wait to see you again in October!


  1. Dan and Carolyn,

    Simply beautiful photos. PRICELESS! You will LOVE being married.

    Can't wait for the date,
    Uncle Pat and Aunt Jeanne

  2. These are amazing, look like j.crew ads