Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alison + Adam at Belle Mer, Part One... Newport Wedding Photographer

Posted by Trish: Photos by Trish and Melissa

Don't say that you weren't warned when you see the excessive cuteness that Alison and Adam exude, you may even have to take a break and come back to the photos if it's too much for you... it probably will be.

So we start out here at The Pearls in Newport, what a fun place to stay and they have some great decor along with some real clean and simple decor too, love it! I was crazy for this Chanel picture hanging in the downstairs room...

Melissa got this killer shot of the shoes on a glass coffee table.

I didn't really notice it at the time, but the script on the invitation was so beautiful!

Alison getting beautified, not that she needs any help really.

Checking out the final product...pretty awesome!

I found Adam outside trying to will it to stop raining. He was so worried about how Alison would be about the fact that it was raining...and it was not letting up!

He even flipped someone off who said that it was good luck if it rained on your wedding day, nice. Even if it is good luck it kind of sucks for the couple who wanted a sunny blue sky day, not fair!!!!

But as you can see Alison won't be stopped by a little rain, she fabulous rain or shine!

How great is that shoulder piece?! So fantastic and fun! She was inspired by a Snap! bride from last year who had something similar, I love it! Is she not cute?

On his way to meet his bride...see what I mean about the cuteness, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

A few finishing touches and she's ready to go see her honey...

She got a little peek at Adam and then had to fan her self, I love his pose as he waits at the bottom of the stairs.

Best reaction ever, thank you Adam!

How romantic!

Aww, finally they see each other and seal the deal with a kiss.

What a great looking couple! Since it was raining we had to stay inside, but I must say I love this shot and I never would have done it if we had been going outside for pix. So it really does work out even when it rains.

I don't mind getting wet for a shot, or almost getting mowed over by traffic. Whatever it takes.

See, look how happy they are, the weather is of no concern, kind of.

We made it over to Belle Mer with the wedding party and family to do the photos before the ceremony, still raining...

I don't mean to jump ahead, but seriously are they not going to have the best looking babies?!

Doing the official pose of 2010...

Alison is getting good rain coverage here, nice job Adam, keep the bride happy and dry!

One thing that I can say aside from that fact that they are adorable is that they have such a great time together, lots and lots of laughing!

They are also very athletic and told me that they ran 10 miles that morning!!!!! What the.

You can never go wrong with a few feathers!

Adam comes from a small family...he only has three brothers and two sisters!!! And they are all really good looking too, what's up with that?

Alison has one just one brother, how weird!

Having the bridesmaids in this fabulous bright color really worked out on a gray day!

The flowers were so fun! I love the pink and purple and of course more feathery accents...

Here's the hot stuff wedding party, luckily they have some big awnings covering the back patio at Belle Mer, so we still were able to do photos outside without getting drenched.

I just love the bright colors! Alison was going for a Key West feel, I think it works!

The men.

The other great thing about a rainy day is the nice even light everywhere. Alison you are so beautiful, and sassy!
The cuteness continues with the ceremony and reception coming tomorrow......

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