Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jen + Greg at St. Clement's Castle, CT ... Part 2

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish and Mariah:

The off and on rain decided to be off just in time for our formal pics on the grounds at St. Clement's, which is absolutely gorgeous! Here we are taking a stroll to the gardens.

They look like little bridal party statues, fun! I am particularly fond of the junior bridesmaid and groomsmen who won't stand close to each other, just give them a couple years...

Hamming it up a little.

So pretty!

Trish did this sneaky photo while I was photographing the boys. I didn't even know she took it until I was editing the wedding back at snap! HQ. I gasped! I love that snapgirl!

Jen is stunning.

Greg is working his man posing here. Handsome!

We sent the bridal party away for a little time alone... with me.

Jen loves this spot- and so do I!

I took this one... ooh contest! Who's portrait of Jen is better? Votes please!

Time to go in for the reception I think...

All the buds from college.

That sneaky snapper strikes again, after all, blue light is her specialty.

Such a cool venue.

Jen had a great twirling dress which she took full advantage of, thanks to
Greg (a.k.a. Mr. Smooth).

Love this one.

Some funny toasts... the blond bombshell in the bottom pic is none other than former snap! bride, Isabella who is responsible for hooking me up with Jen and Greg and about a half dozen other couples- thanks Isabella!

Trish is still sneaking around! So cute, talk about being in the right place...

Dancing with dad...

Snuggling grammy...

Greg and his super cute mom...

Last pic of the night, a request from Jen - hope you love it!
Jen and Greg, Truly... we laughed, we cried! What a good vibe and good people- thank you for having us. Personally though Jen, I think you could have held out for 20 bottles of vodka- you are a real catch! xoxoxo Mariah & Trish

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