Friday, August 6, 2010

Brie + Josh Photodate in Bristol, RI

Posted by Mariah:
Brie (how cute is that name?) and Josh are tying the knot in September at Blithewold... we met up in downtown Bristol (the old snap! HQ) for their photodate. Bristol is jam packed with fantastic photo nooks, everywhere you look there is a fun little doorway or funky facade or alley way.

I'm crazy for Brie's fashion, she reminds me of Sophia Loren, all sexy and girly and what not.

Ciao bella!

Josh is crazy for Brie too.

They met in a class, and Josh asked her out for coffee, even though he doesn't drink it.... it just seemed like the cool thing to do. Brie excepted his coffee offer, even though she doesn't drink it either.
Are these two made for each other or what?!

This was taken at a public right of way that looks like a private little beach... ssshhh, don't tell!

Love this one.

Shouldn't every guy have a pretty girl look at him like this at least once? I say yes!

So pretty!

love the seaside frolicking... how's this boat for a prop?

Oooh, sparkly. Brie spotted this survey marker- she likes to look for them while traveling- I never noticed them, but apparently they are everywhere. How observant of me.

Can't wait for more Bristol fun.. see you guys in September!

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