Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jessica and Donald - Photodate in Newport

Posted by Trish:

I had not met these two cuties before our Photodate, we had just spoken over the phone. I knew that Donald was a little bit reserved and not entirely into doing photos, but I knew that Jess was totally into it and would bring it. And she did!

We met on a Friday night in Newport around 6:30, the light was so fabulous. It was one of those classic warm summer evenings.

I got there a bit early to scope out some spots and I found the terrific wall...

Then it turns out that Donald is a great photo taker after all! I knew it!

Turns out that these two have been together for many years. You could really feel the connection between them.

Did I say connection, I meant suction...not really.

Jessica is totally hot stuff, she has such an amazing look!

Then we happened upon this nice ivy on main street next to an ATM machine, not romantic, but good looking.

I went around the ATM and leaned through the shrubs to get this shot...oooh dreamy!

We were thinking about the arcade, but we weren't feeling it, so we stayed outside.

It was too nice out to go inside anyway, this evening light!

Cute, look at the way she's looking at him. I believe that she would follow him anywhere!

So then we headed down to the waterfront where the boats are and the light really was insane! How romantic is this photo of him kissing her shoulder?! Nice Donald!

I think that this is my favorite.

Are they cute or what?

Apparently Jess is a big fan of the 'gingers', lucky Donald!

Speaking of lucky...

Newport was a total mob scene that night, but we found this quiet little alley way for a few shots.

Go Donald with the nice man posing!

Go Jessica with the beautiful face!

You can kind of see the throngs of people in the background.

Jessica had sent me a photo that was basically this photo, but different people. I hope she likes it!

I think she is really in love with Donald, look at that look. But who wouldn't be, he's adorable! She's a smartie!

He's a smartie too to be marrying such a lovely woman as Jessica!

That's a wrap!

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