Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alexis and Joe at Water Place Park - Photos by Trish

These two are seriously about as cute as it gets! I want to be them! I met them in Providence last week for this portrait session. We had such a great time and they really embodied what it's all about, just be in love and smile a little. I can't wait for their wedding at this August! Joe is actually a very close and long time friend of our Melissa, they have been friends since grade school! How cool is that? Joe is just the cutest and nicest ever and I am so happy for Alexis. I am happy for Joe too because Alexis is so beautiful and lovely and sweet, together they are a super couple! The only dissapointment of this shoot was that Joe had talked of wearing a Speedo and he did not deliver, so that was a total bummer, but we still have the wedding...


  1. I love you, guys! Alexis, you are too skinny! Can't wait for the wedding!!!!!

  2. you guys are so happy,
    it makes me smile when i look at the pix!