Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anna and Ted at The Glen Manor 6-5-08

Photos by Mariah and Melissa...But where is Trish you may ask? Good question. Well the truth is that they have left me behind to work here in the cave and have forbidden me to leave until these photos were posted here on the blog. So after working diligently through the night I have finally gotten the photos posted...
But it was all worth it! Anna and Ted are really cute and nice people and they had their wedding on a Thursday night which is so cool! Although the weather was not perfect they managed to have a beautiful night and were not at all effected by the grey skies. Here are some of the highlights...
Awesome flowers by Sayles Livingston.

Anna looks so happy here.

Ted, I love that tie!

Anna is really funny and had some great expressions.

Bubble-mania for their exit, very fun!

Look at all of those kids, how cute are they?!
The little guy in front is holding a cell phone, he had to go make a call, ha!

Instant classic, good posing Anna!

So sweet. The grounds at The Glen are amazing. Katie and Don do such a great job!

I love how they are standing on the tree footprint, now you can see the water from the house AND have a cool place to stand for photos!

This is the grooms cake, which apparently was VERY hard to cut (fondant is tough),
luckily Anna helped out. They met at a soccer game!

All the guests were rockin' out with the Studio C band, they have good lighting!

Well, back to the grind for me, check back on Monday and Tuesday for more...

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  1. Hello Ladies, just wanted to say what amazing photographers you are! I was at Ted and Anna's wedding last to the little guy with the cell phone! You guys did a great job on the photos...wish you had been at my wedding! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing the pics.